Best blu-ray player that works with PS3

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Best blu-ray player that works with PS3

Postby gpounders » Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:42 pm

I'm looking for a bluray player that can receive streams from PS3ms and also netflix.

My movies in are in ISO format which PS3ms reads and transcodes great
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Re: Best blu-ray player that works with PS3

Postby vinapon » Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:31 am

The PS3 media server works good with my Bluray player Samsung BDC6900.

Nice day.
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Re: Best blu-ray player that works with PS3

Postby krdzine1 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:08 pm

I was trying to decide between PS3 server, tvmobilii and eyeconnect for serving up my Mac content to my Samsung. I have a Series 6 LED but I use the BD-c6500 blu-ray player for the connection. The wireless seems to working and connecting OK. NetFlix and Pandora seem to work fine anyway. When I try and play my iTunes music it says the format isn't correct. Same with some movies... others seem to work (I think the mp4s).

When I started up the PS3 server software it didn't find my Samsung Bluray and didn't see a way to make it find it. Is there a step-by-step or quick start guide for using the software? I was hoping to not have to spend another $100 on buying AppleTV just to stream my photos, itunes and movies... otherwise I would have bought a cheaper bluray.
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