WD TV Live Refresh Issues

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WD TV Live Refresh Issues

Postby johnliber » Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:10 pm

Running PS3 MS 1.20.409 and it works like a champ with my PS3.

However, I'm wondering if anyone is successfully using WD TV Live as a client? I'm running firmware 1.03.38, and it works fine with the exception of refresh.

I can't seem to figure out when/why the WD TV Live refreshes. I've tried the in/out of the folder technique, red button standby, and pulling the plug... but it generally doesn't change the list of items. Then I'll power it off overnight, and the next day I might find that it has the new items.

Does anyone know how to force a refresh of a Media Server folder or clear the cache? Or, at least help me understand the method to this madness!
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