Bravia KDL 40ex40b: problem solved, subtitles working

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Bravia KDL 40ex40b: problem solved, subtitles working

Postby Roy_ » Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:42 pm

Hello all!

In the original post I posted some lines from debug and traces here, but for a clean threath, I deleted that stuff.
Here is the link to set PMS up for (Dutch) subtitles for the Bravia 40ex40b.

Iff you need something translated, please PM me, I won`t be on this forum much.
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Re: Bravia KDL 40ex40b: can`t get the transcoding working

Postby Roy_ » Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:03 am

Oke, I feel like a complete Ass.
It appears that 1 of my cables was broken (not visible, and it was a tested cable, but somehow it got broken)

So here`s what I did, for the people who find this threath looking for solutions for the new bravia series:

I started over again: I resetted my tv and my router (enable UnPn again!), and reïnstalled PMS again, with the settings from the link I posted in the 1st post (for Dutch subtitles). I deleted all the render config files, and replaced them with the one MattofSweden created:
I added |(BRAVIA KDL.40ex40b (and some extra +40, +ex and +b`s to make sure ;) ) to the 8th line. And now it workes, complete with Dutch subtitles.

I`m sure it`s not the perfect setup, but after many many hours of trying, i`ve desided to leave it this way for now :D .

Iff anybody knows how to improve something in my setting, feel free to shout.
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