BRAVIA : Audio track / Chapter Navigation Question

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BRAVIA : Audio track / Chapter Navigation Question

Postby PYRAM2000 » Sat May 22, 2010 5:13 pm

Hello, I am using PS3 Media Server v1.20.409 (beta) - Win7 to stream on my Sony BRAVIA directly.
This works in principle, but some comfort is missing now :oops:

1. How can I navigate between language tracks while my video file is streaming? It seems that only one of the language track is available. Under Trancoding Settings > Audio language priority > are two languages registred (german, english). And "mux all audio tracks" is active too. :?:

2. How can I jump to next chapters of my video on play? Did PS2 Media Server lost the origin navigation (jump to chapters and so on) of the video files? :?:

Thank you very much.

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