mkv playback stream to PS3 without mencoder!

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mkv playback stream to PS3 without mencoder!

Postby lettcco » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:44 am

Hi all,

I was playing some 1080p mkv files and they were giving me stutters on my ps3 so I decided to try out coreAVC instead. I could not detail instruction on how to do it, so I just installed coreAVC 1.8 and then insteall ffdshow and disabled h.264/AVC in decoder config page as someone suggested. Then I went ahead and disabled Mencoder on PMS transcoder setting and enabled AviSynth/ffmpeg. However the avisynth/ffmpeg says "this engine is not loaded". I am a little confused so I went ahead and try playing something on my ps3. To my surprise, my mkv files plays! and to a even bigger surprise, my CPU load on my server went from 80% with memcoder to ~10%, the buffer is filled as soon as I start any mkv, and the info status on ps3 top right corner shows that the content is AVC, with audio stream in DD5.1 48khz, so I am assuming PS3 is now doing it's own decoding? I am still confused, but I am happy with my setting right now. I don't know if I have stumbled on something amazing or not...but seems like this could be a solution for all those who don't have core2duo and decoding is taking a toll on performance?
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Re: mkv playback stream to PS3 without mencoder!

Postby shagrath » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:09 am

I guess you have selected the tsMuxer engine... this engine remux only the video and audio: there's no reencode...
there's two downsides though: subtitles are not supported and some HD mkvs will display a black screen
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