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Other/multiple clients

Postby simas » Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:09 pm

I would like to compliment the developer on the work well done, both the solution and the speed with which it was/is developed is impressive.

The question is have relates to situation I am in - like others on this board I use a set up in which a Windows Home Server machine is living in the basement with PS3 in the living room being my media center.
Now I would like to share/extend the content to another room in the house and thinking of what would make most sense to use.

1) it should work with PMS/ be DLNA compliant
2) have reasonable cost - I know I can buy another PS3 but would like something <$150 if possible.
i briefly looked at Roku as I have netflix subscription but do not need it in that room (rather want it on PS3 but that is another story)
i was also dreaming about teaching PS2 to do it (there are some PS2 games I did not get to play, wife gets DVD player and a media extender) but do not know if PS2 hardware can be an extender

My questions
1 ) Any recommendations from people who wanted to share their content to multiple receivers/extenders?
2) Anything I need to know regarding configuration of PMS for such scenarios ?

thank you

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