Third party app for pc audio livestreaming to PS3

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Third party app for pc audio livestreaming to PS3

Postby krymel » Mon Apr 05, 2010 4:17 pm

Hi there,

I'm working on an opensource live-capture-and-streaming solution.

My Java App captures the raw pc systems audio data normally played back by the PC system speakers.
Now I want the PS3 media server to fetch the streaming data over HTTP, transcode it and play it using my PS3.

My question is:
What input formats are supported for audiostream.Web streams?

Would it be possible to extend audiostream.Web interceptor code to detect WAV stream,
transcode it to MP3 and send that to the PS3?

If it would be possible but you dont have enough time to implement, just give me a hint
where to start (Sourcecode File, Line etc.)

Thanks for help!

p.s.: Yes, I know, I could just connect the audio devices by optical cable but I really
dont want to do that! So I prefer coding a solution using PS3 media server ;)
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