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Help choosing encode format

Postby sddawson » Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:08 pm

Hi. First time poster here. I'm looking for some help in deciding what format to best encode my own DVDs. I'd like to preserve AC3 soundtracks, but also use a format that is the most universal as far as clients is concerned. I do have a couple of PS3 clients, for which I'll use PS3 Media Server. But I'd also like to use Mac Minis as clients and possibly even AppleTVs. Is there a format that works with AC3 across all these platforms? I know AppleTV is a little non-standard, since it uses 2 soundtracks, 1 AAC, 1 AC3 in the container, which as I understand it is non-standard. If I need to sacrifice one platform it would probably be the AppleTV. I'm happy to use something like Boxee on the Minis and/or AppleTV.

Thanks for any pointers...
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