Hardware Decoding?

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Hardware Decoding?

Postby Electrifying » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:58 pm

Hi y'all,

I was thinking. Because of some compatibility issues with my Sata2 controller with Vista I decided to swap the motherboard of the HTPC. I had a dedicated HD2400 installed for the Hardware decoding (UVD) but with my new motherboard also comes a new Video Adapter (the HD3200 with UVD2). Now it is working pretty well (with the few formats which it was designed for), with a cpu load of around 50% on my X2 5200+ with a 14gb .MKV. Now I was wondering, Shouldn't we be able to incorporate some Hardware decoding into TsMuxeR and/or Memcoder/Avisynth/FFmpeg. This way people with lower specs can also enjoy a full quality video. It also defeats the purpose of the Deblocking option since the (compatible) video adapter offloads the CPU. And another advantage is that, my parents are watching TV and I would like to stream (HD) videos to my PS3 at the same. So it also improves multitasking performance :D (which is something we can all benefit from).

So is this worth considering or does this depend on the devs of the engines? (I guess it does depend on them ;) ) :D
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Re: Hardware Decoding?

Postby sd-six » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:23 am


it would be great to have such features. With NVDIA cards you can use it with CUDA and coreavc. Would be great to have this with ATI Stream.

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