Using PS3 Media Server to stream LiveTv

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Using PS3 Media Server to stream LiveTv

Postby Valk » Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:55 am

Hi all,
I'm looking for support in getting live Tv streaming going out to the PS3 (and other devices). I have written a plugin for the mediaportal Tv Server The build up on that page at the moment won't work with PMS due to the byte order mask been there though I have changed that in my local test build.

I managed to get the PMS server reading the RSS feed ok once I fixed the BOM issue but how PMS uses VideoLan for the video streaming (there are different problems using MEncoder and I couldn't get MPlayer going) is causing a few issues.

The biggest issue i'm having is probably due to VLC transcoding the video to mpeg2 / mpeg. If I watch SD tv it will play but the audio will be horrible and video isn't great, if I try HD most channels just crash VLC.

Anyway if anyone here is interested in helping to fix the problems i'm having using PMS i'd be more then happy to work with you to try and make a solution that works. I'll also release a update so you can do local testing yourself.

At the moment Tversity is the best option I have but it cuts the video off after 18 minutes of HD (roughly), i'd like to really find a solution to this.
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