strange transcoded video multiple filetypes osx10.6.1

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strange transcoded video multiple filetypes osx10.6.1

Postby ncumming » Sat Oct 03, 2009 1:14 am

I'm getting strange video play back using snow leopard to stream to my ps3. I'm streaming video shot in standard def widescreen format that was originally shot on a mini dv camcorder, but has since been converted to mpg and mp4 format. Both video formats display on the screen with a diagonal line through the middle of the screen and the image skewed and with very little color. audio works fine. I've tried both the latest stable release and the beta, and i'm running in 32 bit mode with rosetta, and the results are the same across the board, again with both mpg and mp4 file types. I'm using MEnconder for transcoding. I tried TsMuxer as well but it said the data was corrupted. Any ideas?
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