Multiple SRT / SUB support

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Multiple SRT / SUB support

Postby elafos2008 » Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:24 pm


referring to another thread in the 'general' area I,d like to raise this as a request as I feel not being the only one interested in this--

It would be great (just as in a 50 EUR DVD-Player) to be able to select the subtitle(s) available in the same folder, 'coded' after a certiın rule (e.g. filename is same but SRT with suffix, (e.g. 'Terminator.AVI' as movie. '' is 1st subtitle and '' is the second and so on (just as in AVI2SUB software where its detecting which SRTs to embed into AVI). Then PS3MediaServer could create subfolders in the 'transcoded' folder and list the available possibilities.

Thanks for considering & Best regards--
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