Photo missing in Picture xbmc section and browser issue

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Photo missing in Picture xbmc section and browser issue

Postby Turtlegsr » Fri Aug 28, 2009 2:03 pm

Hi guy,
unfortunatly i menage all my photo in Aperture but this library is unsupported....until now ;-)

So i relocate all source image from Aperture library into folder structure on a MAC disk, with this folder structure:

fotografie -> [year] -> [Event type] -> [Event]


fotografie->2009->vacation->2009-08 Spain

In the last folder (2009-08 Spain) i have all source image for event 2009-08 Spain in RAW format (SONY ALPHA 100)

I add in PS3 folder fotografie folder and on PS3 in XMB browse i have this issue:

1. Folder structure is truncated to fotografie-> [year], [event type] folder is missing and all [event] folders are present under [year] folder
2. Naviate into [Event] folder no picture are show.

Browse into multimedia library i don't have also any picture.....

What i have missing or bad configure?

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