Great program but some java errors frequently.

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Great program but some java errors frequently.

Postby Flukester » Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:18 am

Has anyone been experiencing lots of java errors when starting this program up? I am running the latest (i know it's beta version) 1.11.356.

I've had this with previous versions. Basically the media server starts up and doesn't find the PS3 and I see a NullPointerException error and I rescan the media library lots of DLN errors follow.

Code: Select all
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.033 Using address / found on network interface: name:eth2 (NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ) index: 8 addresses: /;
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.033 Created socket: /
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.095 Using database located at : C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server\database
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879 java.lang.NullPointerException
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.dlna.DLNAMediaDatabase.executeUpdate(
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.dlna.DLNAMediaDatabase.init(
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.PMS.getDatabase(
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.PMS.init(
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.PMS.get(
[main] TRACE 18:08:16.879    at net.pms.PMS.main(

My Java version is the latest. There appears to be no indication that this program requires 64bit Java (I'm running 32bit) since I am on Vista 64bit Home Premium. 64bit as it says on Sun site is only if you use the 64bit version of IE which I don't.

My system is hooked up via a Ethernet cable to a DLINK 625 router. Wireless N router. I know that PS3 is not N. :( I'm not blocking anything I can see the ports are active to and from the router.

I read other threads on the forum by searching and the only one that seems to giving any success is actually running it 'As administrator'. I've tried running it as a service but there doesn't appear to be anyway to get to a configuration panel without re-launching the application. Then on uninstall it doesn't remove the service or the Program Files in the PS3 Media Server folder. To remove the service I ran this in an administrator command prompt..

Code: Select all
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>sc query state= all | find "PS3 Media Server"
SERVICE_NAME: PS3 Media Server
DISPLAY_NAME: PS3 Media Server

C:\Windows\system32>sc delete "PS3 Media Server"
[SC] DeleteService SUCCESS


Be nice to use this program without having to hassle around with it almost every time I reboot. When it works it's fantastic. The only other problem I have is the MP3 media art gets mixed up. Aerosmith for an AC/DC song for example. Hehehe.

Glad to provide whatever information you need if it helps to resolve the problem.

EDIT: I found this thread too but I see no .625 version available.

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Re: Great program but some java errors frequently.

Postby shagrath » Thu Aug 06, 2009 9:31 pm

the database error is related to administration rights
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Re: Great program but some java errors frequently.

Postby Flukester » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:25 am

Thanks shagrath, kinda figured that out on my own. :) Appreciate if you could shed some light on when I can't get any of the Web streaming working. Radio works fine, Youtube etc doesn't. There is a thread going if you haven't seen it yet. Looks like missing codecs but as there are a million codec's out there it's hard to determine what exactly is needed, especially when I have a codec package that includes most of the popular codecs installed.

To resolve, only run PS3Media Server as administrator. As for Web streaming. I use Vista and I used Vista Codec Pack(didn't use CCC since ffdshow doesn't install properly) and installed Avisynth. Streaming works as long as the stream link in web.conf is good. You can test those links in a browser. If they are going to work, the video will play right away when you click on the appropriate link. If it takes you to a screen with a play button or DOB prompt then I have not gotten any of those to work. Hope this helps others.
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