Video file engine question.

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Video file engine question.

Postby jharry » Mon Jul 06, 2009 2:05 pm

Guys, I have a slight problem. I was hoping someone can give some input.

My current setup is a gigabit wired lan, and the specs of the media server are c2d e6600 2.4ghz 2gb 1066mhz ram. OS Windows XP x64.

When I play a file using mencoder everything runs fine, I can play all formats and HD mkv's (720P) run fine too, using "Best Quality" in the ps3 ms settings.

For fun I thought i'd try using avisynth/mencoder, so I installed CCCP (FFDshow + Haali), avisynth and coreavc, disabled x264 decoding in FFDshow set audio to 3/0/2 LFE, configured haali splitter, put VSfilter.dll in the avisynth plugin directory, and enabled Cuda in coreavc, plus got the latest nvidia driver.

To check if coreavc was decoding x264 formats I first played a HD mkv on my pc, sure enough the little icon show up green in the corner and cpu loading was ultra low sitting at around 5-10% max

When I stream this same file to the ps3 the coreavc icon doesnt load in system tray! does that mean it is not using coreavc to decode the file?

Also, Using this method my hd 720 mkv files result in a small stutter, but isnt this method meant to be more efficient? Am I missing something?

Looking at the buffer it's always staying full, so I get the feeling that it's a netowrk problem, but why then wouldnt I face the same problem using mencoder?

Using avisynth 2.58, would that be the difference?
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Re: Video file engine question.

Postby bahamot » Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:29 am

Try follow Otmanix excellent guide: ... -avisynth/
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