PMS and its sidekick

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PMS and its sidekick

Postby vmlinuz » Mon Jan 26, 2009 8:26 pm

Yes, great program, no pb on this, and long dev life to its dev team.

Just open this thread to share your own setup on ffdshow, haali, coreavc, mendoder, ffmpeg scripts.
I was using a good conf and need to reinstall my OS cause of harddisk issue.

Now, I had a great working system after lot of tried setup, but the order, the parameters ... I lost them.
So I tried to find my old working setup ... but still lost for now.

All my vacation movies still stutter... so hardware is same (except new harddrive but it's the same type )
ffmpeg stutter, mencoder stutter...
all base dll and system board driver are the same than before, cause I use a backup of these for reinstall
release of ffmpeg and mencoder same
haali / avisynth same release
just still out with a or some parameters in these sidekick.
So please try to resume yours, starting from install of them to parameters, and perhaps scripts used in pms

That should help for lot of new people using PMS.
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