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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.53.0 is released

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:38 pm
by Mix0r
Many thanks for this! ^^
Just one little thing though:

I haven't been able to stream 1080p videos properly without stuttering, even though I have the minimum requirements..
100/10 connection, i7-2670m, 8gb ram and GeForce 570m. Streaming to Xbox 360.

Well, I was thinking that using the video upscaling to "descale" into 720p would work. It did. The problem is: this "downscaling" doesn't work with versions after 1.40.0.
When using the upscaling feature, it only says something like: using scaling settings: 0x0.
Could someone explain this to me? I haven't tested the beta versions after 1.40.0 either.. To make the picture better with the 1.40.0 version I took the mencoder and mplayer from 1.53.0 and upgraded it ^^

Re: PS3 Media Server 1.53.0 is released

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:33 am
by Shortzy
Hey guys,

First of all, thank you for an awesome product.

I just wanted to mention that i was having the same issue as the first reply to this thread. When i opened the application, it prompted me to update. The update looks like its downloading but then it tells me "you need to download before running."

I was able to download it from the webpage and install it so I'm all good. i just figured i would let you know that there seems to be an issue with upgrading a previous install.


Re: PS3 Media Server 1.53.0 is released

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:35 am
by Stillborne
I'll give you an "unofficial" official response to the question.
Yes: 1.53 is bugged and the tsumuxer doesnt work most times and
yes: 1.53 sometimes files can not be found.
What I do in these cases is of course download mkv2v0b 2.4.7, (the newer ones are bugged bad and there is no longer any support for over two years) use that to make them into m2ts files and transfer them with a flash drive.

But fear not! The fix to this will be close behind if I know these folk. :geek:
PS: Has anyone noticed that the file hesitation has gone away since the last Sony update?

Re: PS3 Media Server 1.53.0 is released

PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 1:16 pm
by hamder
I get endless "Connection Error"s after updating.