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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby gastric » Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:10 pm

All of your issues sound totally unrelated to PMS as the cause, though using it may be helping illustrate the issues due to the workload generated during serious transcoding.

You should double check BIOS settings, undo overclocks, set the RAM timings to the manufacturer specs and in particular make sure the RAM VOLTAGE is correct as BIOS often under-volts RAM if the RAM is 2V or more as many of it is these days. Then run MEMTESTwhich will illustrate any memory issues. Then run some type of stress test app such as Prime95 64bitwith rounding check enabled which will further illustrate any general CPU/RAM/config issues. That's standard computer troubleshooting tools and will help eliminate any general issues so you can then focus on OS and apps as the potential causes. There's a bunch of other tools here:
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby lbravo » Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:31 am

cheers. i'll do a prime95 test when i get home...

it was definitely not a software problem. since re-installing the ram into the correct configuration and conducting the memtest (no errors).... it has not bsod *cross fingers* but i'll do more testing with the prime95

there has been no sound from the ethernet since changing the speedstep :)

thanks for the advice. i am a very happy man now
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby GrayFoxBh » Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:52 pm

First of all I wish to say how great this program is. My Ps3 is connnected to the LCD 32inch screen and everytime I downloaded a movie on the internet I had to convert it, put the subtitles to view it on the big screen, making a bunch of movies/series on my Pc just sitting there awating because wasnt everytime that I had the patience and time to convert it.
Lovelly program indeed.

But I have a question.

When a play 720p .mkv videos I notice a HUGE downgrade on its quality. I'm using these settings:
( I'm using the ethernet cable, not wireless connecting)


Is that normal, or there's a way to fix this?
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby fsn1977 » Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:29 am

Use keyint=1:vqscale=1:vqmin=1 under your "Video quality setting" that should be the best kvality
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Memory problem

Postby martink78 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:41 pm

Thanks for a good program! I've recently had an issue with a film. I'm trying to copy it to the PS3 and I keep running into memory problems, everything is running fine but the amount of physical memory used keeps growing at a steady pace until it is has used 98,5% or so and then the whole PC basically grinds to a halt due to lack of memory. Looking in process explorer the javaw and mencoder processes do not seem to grow. Yet I can clearly reproduce the error by starting the copy and if I cancel the copy the memory is released and goes back to normal levels.

I'm using a Dell XPS 435MT with Vista x64, 6Gb RAM and a Intel Core i7 processor.
I've tried different settings for the number of cores used and the amount of buffer memory used but it does not make any difference.
I have subtitles turned off completely but otherwise everything set to default as far as I can remember.

This only happens with some movies (This is the only example I have as I just realised that the memory problem was related to PS3 Media Server).

I've tried this with 1.10.5 and the latest 1.10.625 build with the same result.

Anyone have any thoughs on this or similar problems?

I've attached Meidainfo file for the film that causes this.
(1.38 KiB) Downloaded 122 times
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby eXo » Sat May 09, 2009 12:36 pm

I spent days (not hours) trying to make tversity stream HD Videos with DTS sound. Then I finally decided to give ps3 media server a chance - I wish I had done that earlier! Worked like a charm within minutes.

Made a small donation to show my appreciation. Keep up the great work.
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby lucampi » Wed May 13, 2009 2:11 pm

I just want to say what a great program you have !!! WOW so fast and problem free... I don't need to worry about crazy configuration.. just start the program go to my PS3 and enjoy... You got a new fan !!! :D
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby Dave » Thu May 14, 2009 3:03 am

Folks - can I just say what an absolute pleasure it is to find some media server software that works reliably. I've tried them all - tversity, twonky, WMC, the dlink and neolink propietary solutions - the list goes on. I have a PS3, a Helios X5000 and a dlink DSM320 and all my media's on a 4Tb NAS device hanging off a router in my home. The network is wired with gigabit across the majority so you'd expect streaming to be little problem. NOTHING i've tried to date works with everything I have reliably. There were always streaming problems, things would hang when too many connections were attempted as the kids pulled hd video off the NAS at the same time as the server was running, the server couldn't transcode and onfeed the source properly - the list of problems I've had is just ridiculous.

Installed PS3 Media Server last night and spent hours just smiling after the miniscule amount of time it took to install it. Every device saw the server immediately. Every device streamed beautifully. Every file - from 4Gb+ mpgs and VOB's in 5.1 and DTS down to xvid and divx avi's through to music to photos just played, first time, every time, on every device. Amazing. I had two media streamers feeding hd video to widescreens at the same time as three separate computers were pulling video off the NAS while I walked around to different devices pausing, ff'ing, rew'ing, stopping one to jump to another file and generally trying to break it for a good hour or so just to stress test it ... nothing broke, nothing went wrong and I am just over the moon about this.

Thanks so much whoever put this together - magnificent in it's simplicity and functionality and an incredibly small footprint to boot. (Pun intended! :-))

Donation coming your way, folks ... keep up the fabulous and much appreciated great work!!!

Rgs, Dave.
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby unkyjoe » Sat May 23, 2009 12:51 am


I have not used my PS3 since I am not a big gamer, I bought a broken one to repair "bad drive" and to use as an XBOX Media center replacement and Blue Ray player.

It sat dormant for the last 6 months due to the fact I could not stream all of my media to it as easily as I could the XBMC.

I have had some issues understanding how the software works and how to configure and the docs are hard to come by.

But the software is better than anything I have used for the PS3 and made me dig it out and hook it up in place of the XB in the home theater, it looks great on a 120" projected screen.

So thanks for the wonderful software and as soon as I find the link I will be making a donation for all of your hard work, and as an incentive to continue the hard work.

Thanks again for all of the hard work.
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Re: PS3 Media Server 1.10.5

Postby jrs.reign » Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:50 pm

Installed PS3 Media Server endure night and spent hours just animated afterwards the miniscule bulk of time it took to install it. Every accessory saw the server immediately. Every accessory streamed beautifully. Every book - from 4Gb+ mpgs and VOB's in 5.1 and DTS down to xvid and divx avi's through to music to photos just played, aboriginal time, every time, on every device. Amazing. I had two media streamers agriculture hd video to widescreens at the aforementioned time as three abstracted computers were affairs video off the NAS while I absolved about to altered accessories pausing, ff'ing, rew'ing, endlessly one to jump to addition book and about aggravating to breach it for a acceptable hour or so just to accent analysis it ... annihilation broke, annihilation went amiss and I am just over the moon about this.

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