HOW-TO: Serving your EyeTV programs through PS3MS

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HOW-TO: Serving your EyeTV programs through PS3MS

Postby dkallan » Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:24 pm

I recently discovered and downloaded PS3MS, and so far I love it! It is far more compatible with the PS3 than Twonky (which is now dead on OS X anyway), NullRiver MediaLink and Elgato's own EyeConnect. Since I mentioned Elgato, let's talk about ways to make EyeTV content available through PS3MS.

EyeTV has the ability to export to elementary streams or program streams from the source transport stream, producing a file that is generally more compatible with software media players, but this approach sucks up disk space. A 5GB program in EyeTV will require another 5GB file for the MPEG program stream. It is also a pain to keep track of which files have already been exported, etc. I wrote an AppleScript a couple of years ago that automated this export process, but disk space kept running out.

The good news is that PS3MS has excellent transcoding capabilities. It can read the actual transport streams hidden within an EyeTV program package, and transcode them at run-time into an immediately playable format on the PS3 without saving an additional file to disk. The other good news is that PS3MS follows symbolic links. This means that, rather than include the EyeTV Archive directory as a shared folder--which would be hideous to navigate--one may create symlinks to the .mpg transport streams within the EyeTV program packages and organize these links in a more user-friendly way.

I wrote a shell script that scans the EyeTV Archive directory and maintains a directory of symbolic links automatically. It is far from perfect, but it works for me:

Caveats: This script works with EyeTV 3 (using program information through TitanTV), but I don't know if it works with earlier versions or other program data providers. Setting up this script is not for the inexperienced. There is no installer program, and you need some familiarity with UNIX shell scripting, permissions, etc to get it working on your system. Additionally, the script requires that xmlstarlet be installed on your system in order to read the .eyetvp metadata XML files and provide meaningful file names to the links. This can be installed through MacPorts, which is another discussion altogether. I assume no responsibility for lost data, etc.

So, with those caveats in mind, if you're in the mood to experiment, I have attached my script. I have mine set up with a launchd property list file to run the script automatically every hour, thus keeping my program list up to date. This property list file can go into /Library/LaunchAgents, and, like the script, will require customization for your paths, environment, etc to work. If you are unfamiliar with launchd and launchctl, you could also try cron, or run the script manually. Be sure to edit the script before attempting to run.

I hope this helps.


EDITED: It seems that the attachments are no longer available. I am uploading the latest version, 1.2.
Latest version of the linkeyetv script and a sample launchd config file to automate scheduling
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Re: HOW-TO: Serving your EyeTV programs through PS3MS

Postby ppxnouse » Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:55 pm

First of all: Thank you for the script.

There is a minor issue with it when used for recordings scheduled via the website.
They do not have a "epg info" section in the xml file. Thus no links are created for these recordings.

As a cheap fix I use
title=`"$XMLSTARLET" sel -t -v "/plist/dict/key[. = 'display title']/following-sibling::*[1]" "$infofile"`
to get a title for these files and I put them all in a TVTV folder.

Maybe you want to change your script to work with TVTV recordings.
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Re: HOW-TO: Serving your EyeTV programs through PS3MS

Postby cheule » Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:30 pm

I've been eyeing (pun intended) an EveTV adapter for a while, because I get all my broadcast TV from an antenna. Thanks for posting your work, this is most helpful.
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