PS3 and Xbox 360 + PMS, can't transcode DIVX files?

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PS3 and Xbox 360 + PMS, can't transcode DIVX files?

Postby Moonwalker1982 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:31 pm

The Xbox 360 is connected to my Linksys WRT54G wireless router, and the Macbook is connected wireless to it. My main problem is that with PMS on Mac OSX i can only transcode with MEncoder. But that ain't a problem, as long as i can access the ' transcode' folder when i am on PS3 or Xbox 360, while PMS is running. But the problem is....i can't acces the folder. I can only select the one file but not acces the ' transcode' folder. When i just play the MEncoder starts to lag and freeze out of the blue many times...this happened with another video as well, until i went into it's transcode folder. But now i can't.

It's a DIVX video...i guess MEncoder can't transcode Divx then? And is it normal that i can only trascode with MEncoder and not TSmuxer,avisynth,etc..on Mac OSX? If not...please...i need help getting that to work.

Also...ISo 360 reads them, but PMS can't transcode them? At least..with this one as well, the trasncode folder just doesnt open.
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