HD .Mov files wont stream

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HD .Mov files wont stream

Postby rawzer » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:30 am

first post here and only a few hours into using PMS so very much a newbie.

I am running v1.2 in order to get the iTunes and iPhoto support and after battling my router have got a connection to my PS3 from my iMac (SnowLeopard) and can see photos and play music as expected. Not getting anywhere with .Mov files though. I have a number of these captured in HD mode (1080p i believe) with my Panasonic camera. On the PS3 i get the thumbnail but when i hit play i either get a permanently blank screen or I get one or two frames and then a freeze. Only other info i can think of is that i am running over a Home plug network.

All the technical settings in PMS are a mystery to me so any advice would be very much appreciated

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