Sound acting diffuse - high music peaks and lower speaking

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Sound acting diffuse - high music peaks and lower speaking

Postby alexsan » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:10 pm

Hello everybody, im new here!

First, thanks for reading and a really nice software.

Now why I'm writing here is:

Appears to me that PS3ms doesn't send correct soundsettings to my tv (Panasonic V10e)

The music in movies/series has very high peaks and it's really difficult to hear when people are speaking mostly, so high peaks and low talking sound.

Im wondering why it is like this.

My Specs are:
Mac Os X Snow Leopard
Intel dual core
4 gig ram
Nvidia 8800GS

How i connect to PS3 and Tv :
Cross-Cable wired straight between iMac and Ps3, and then ps3 > TV thrue HDMI cable. Thats it.

PS. I found this as a problem for when trying on my parents tv aswell Bang Olufsen. Always found out myself sitting with the remote.

I've tried to change Ac3 bitrates... Ac3 muxing enable, etc. And I just cant figure it out!

Cheers in advance

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