only showing 2mbps out macbook

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only showing 2mbps out macbook

Postby eckersley » Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:05 pm

Just want to start by saying that the PS3 mediaserver is awesome, I have been playing with mediaservers or such for several years now, including hardware mediaservers like the AppleTv, and software like medialink and mediatomb, this is by far the best and easiest option.

Just having one problem, I am trying to tweak my system to work well but I am consistently showing only 2 mbps coming out of my macbook when streaming to the PS3. If I watch a 480i show, it works just fine (no transcoding, straight streaming) but it doesn't even show what bitrate is going through the PS3 mediaserver? As well, my macbooks shows that my network is only sending 2 mbps out of the macbook. When I run a 720p movie it stutters, but when I transcode it works just fine, and 1080p movies stutter the whole time. I know people say that g wireless can't take 1090p, but since I am showing that my wirless connection is only sending 2 mbps out of my macbook, I think I should be able to get more than this coming out of the macbook. (I set my max bitrate to 15 and video quality to best, I don't get any better results changing the video quality to even the lowest setting (just uses less CPU).

On a second note, I am running an 2.6Ghz Macbook (Month old), off a Time Capsule wireless network which is connected to my iMac. I would like to be able to see the files that are stored on the Time Capsule, but I can't seem to see them on the PS3, any ideas why? currently I have the files stored on the macbook, which is sent over to the PS3 using the time capsules wireless network.
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Re: only showing 2mbps out macbook

Postby cheule » Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:32 am

The reason your PS3 does not see the files stored on the Time Capsule, is because files shared through the Time Capsule use AFP (Appleshare File Protocol). The PS3 doesn't use AFP. The PS3 uses DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which is what PMS uses (and hence why your PS3 can see files on your Mac with PMS running).
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