ps3 + sl 10.6.2 + psm

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ps3 + sl 10.6.2 + psm

Postby dd0 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:58 am


i'm trying to stream video + music from my mac pro running snow leopard 10.6.2 and ps3 media server 1.10.5 onto my ps3.

- ps3 ip address:
- mac pro ip address:
- router ip address:

- router model: netgear wgt624v3
- upnp is enabled on the router
- i can ping the ps3 from the terminal
- the firewall in system preferences : security : firewall is off

whatever i tried (following the many threads i read), i always end up with the infamous "ps3 has not been found".
- i tried to force networking on interface lo0, en2 and en3 (but i guess only lo0 is connected as i understand this is my airport card)
- i tried to force ip of the server to (my computer ip address)
- i tried to force port of the server to 52500 and manually forward the port on my router

no luck...
so i thought i would give eyeconnect and medialink a go. but they can't find the device (ie. my ps3) either. and of course, in none of these cases can the ps3 see the media server.

i guess there's something wrong somewhere with my network. can anyone please help?! this is driving my nuts!!
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Re: ps3 + sl 10.6.2 + psm

Postby dd0 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:32 am

in fact, i ran : applications : utilities : network utility
under the tab 'info', i checked the airport details:
- en2
- ip address:

in pms, i did:
- force networking on interface: en2
- force ip of the server:
- force port of the server: 52500

on my router, i did:
- force ip address of my mac:
- force ip address of my ps3:
- manually forward port for port 52500

then pms could see the ps3, but i had a dlna error 7531 when trying to browse my media server folders from the ps3. so, on the ps3, i went to : settings : network settings : media server connection
and i diabled, then enabled the connection, and ... drum rolls ... all's worked fine since then!!

now, i need to understand what i can do to prevent my streaming from lagging so much. but it's a different story...
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