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.PLS Files

Postby twhalliii » Sun Jan 10, 2010 7:36 pm

Hi all,

Brand new and have looked through the boards and cannot find this topic covered. Apologies if it's been answered but I am looking everywhere...

I want to stream a .pls file on my PS3 using PS3MS and Mac OS 10.6.2

I have saved the .pls file to a top level folder on my computer.

I try to open it in MUSIC on my PS3>> THERE ARE NO TRACKS

I try to open it in VIDEO on my PS3>> THERE ARE NO TITLES

I use #Transcode# >> CORRUPTED DATA

I set up my TRANSCODING SETTINGS>>Audio Web Streaming Engines to VideoLan Audio Streaming as the preferred choice.

The same file plays fine in VLC and iTunes.

Am I doing something wrong? Answer, obviously yes.

One thing I did notice is the WEB folder under the PMS menu in AUDIO, which has a folder called RADIOS.

When I click on RADIOS, there is a folder called RADIOS WITH VLC, to which I would LOVE to add my radio stations. I can't find this WEB folder anywhere on my own computer-- is there a way to add VLC supported Radio stations to this list? Here is a link to the .pls file I am looking at:


(I downloaded the file itself and am NOT trying to stream the url, FWIW)

Another thing I noticed was that when I played the .pls in VLC, it had a list of three files in the playlist, the first file was the stream. When I looked at this file on PS3MS on VIDEO, I could see three files in the #Transcode# folder; I tried them all, all of them = CORRUPTED DATA. This does not happen under AUDIO-- under #Transcode# = THERE ARE NO TRACKS.

Is there something I need to set up in VLC? I just use it as a local player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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