Latest Build, Subtitle / Closed Captioning Question

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Latest Build, Subtitle / Closed Captioning Question

Postby 5stringdeath » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:59 pm

So after updating to the latest build, when I watch an .mkv file the closed captioning subs are starting by default. What I mean is, I'll start the movie and these subs appear like "DOOR CREAKS" etc. This did not use to happen at all, and I haven't changed any of my sub settings. Here is what I have set:

Subtitle language priority: eng
Audio/sub priority: en,off;eng,off;jpn,en;jpn,eng

I have it this way mainly because I watch japanese foreign films. However this closed captioning thing is happening even with English language films. Do I need to add an "off" in the first box? It would seem to me that since I have my audio prefs to en/off that it wouldn't start any subs on an english language film.

If I go into the Transcode folder and pick one without subs it works fine.

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