Audio/Video is out of sync after a while

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Audio/Video is out of sync after a while

Postby aeg » Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:38 pm

Hey everyone,

First off, I read most of the forum topics on the A/V sync problem some users are having. None of the proposed solutions seem to fix my problem.
I have the same problem, and just can't get it fixed. I watch .mvk files most of the time, stream to my 360 using OSX Snow Leopard.
I have tried setting -noskip -mc 0.0025 (or -mc 0) for MEncoder, but the audio still goes out of sync after 30 minutes of playback or so. Using the 'normal' version, and the latest 1.20 beta build.
On my current setup have the 1.20 beta build running on my Macbook pro with 2 cores. 'Enhanced multicore support for H264 HD content' is turned on, and 'A/V Sync alternative method' is on.

When i turn 'A/V Sync alternative method' off, the video's won't play back anymore, on my 360 I get a 'can't play this format, because it may be unsupported' error.
I then see 'mencoder_mt has a return code of 136! Maybe an error occured' under the 'Traces' tab in PS3 Media Server. So my guess is that turning off the 'A/V Sync alternative method' just doesn't work on OSX.
But should the audio be in sync with the video using the alternative method? It's checked by default.

Is there any other information I can give you? Log files? Screenshots of settings in PS3 Media Server?

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Re: Audio/Video is out of sync after a while

Postby donut12 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:38 am

Having the same problem. Appreciate some help!
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