Helpful? How to run PMS when not logged in

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Helpful? How to run PMS when not logged in

Postby weirdbeardmt » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:00 pm

Hi all... just thought I'd add a quick bit to this forum as when I searched, I couldn't find the answer. Through a bit of trial & error I figured it out. I run PMS on an old (ish) G4 PowerPC Mac Mini. It works great but I didn't really want to leave the computer logged in but I did want PMS available all the time... i.e., have the Mac Mini on but not logged in.

Anyway, it's possible to run PMS "in the background" without having the machine logged in. It's very simple, but you need another computer with an SSH client (to launch the application!). I have a Macbook Pro laptop which has SSH built in to the terminal, but Putty is a good SSH client for Windows machines. Using SSH is beyond the scope of this, but it's not that scary

It's best if you set PMS up (all the shares, options etc.) using the GUI, then save your settings and log out of the computer.

Then open an SSH session to the target machine... e.g.,

> ssh username@yourcomp.local

Enter your password when prompted (the first time you'll get asked about saving an RSA key... just say yes)

then run

> sudo open "/Applications/PS3 Media"

give it a chance and eventually it should return to the prompt. You can see if it's running by doing a

> top

and you should see a "JavaApplication" somewhere near the top of the list. Press q to exit. Note that prefixing the command with sudo tells it to run as root - you need to do this otherwise when you log out of SSH the session dies!

If the PMS doesn't show up in your PS3, you can check the debug.log file by going to

> nano "/Applications/PS3 Media Server App/Contents/Java/debug.log"

and then scrolling through the notes to see what happened and fixing any issues.

If (as in my case) your media is on an external drive attached to the target machine (I have a Lacie drive attached via Firewire) then you'll need to mount the drive so that you can play off it. First thing is to find your drive:

> diskutil list

It will most likely be /dev/disk1 but check in the list just in case (i.e., if you have more than one drive attached)

Then to mount it

> diskutil mountdisk /dev/disk1

Then you'll need to restart PMS. I don't know of a more elegant way of quitting it than killing it. So do a

> top

and in the list find JavaApplication. If there is more than one in the list, then you can figure out which one corresponds to PMS by making it do something... e.g., when you play a video on your PS3, its activity should change a lot. Anyway, once you've found it, take a note of the process ID (in the leftmost column), then issue

> kill <processID>, i.e., if the process ID was 51234 you'd do

> kill 51234

You may need to run kill as root, in which case prefix the command with "sudo", i.e.,

> sudo kill 51234

And that's about it. Hope that's helpful :)
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Re: Helpful? How to run PMS when not logged in

Postby cheule » Sun Oct 04, 2009 4:12 pm

Great post
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