Direct Audio Stream from Soundcard to PS3

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Direct Audio Stream from Soundcard to PS3

Postby filou01 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:54 pm


I´ve got a question about music streaming to my PS3.
It is possible to open with PMS a Shoutcast Stream from the web! I´d like to open a Stream that is directly generated from my Soundcard Output or from the itunes Audio Output.
So i´d switch on my PS3 attached to my HIFI, start the Stream, turn of my TV, and control the music played directly in itunes.

Solution 1: Is there a native PMS functionality?
Solution 2: Is a local shoutcast server required that captures the audio from my soundcard an streams it locally, PMS receives the stream and streams it to my PS3?

If i need a local shoutcast server, could you recommend me such a software that runs on OS X?

Kind regards,
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