PS3Mediaserver and XBMC

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Re: PS3Mediaserver and XBMC

Postby kmruss » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:47 am

Just wanted to post the latest fix for this that I figured out:

The latest version of XBMC's 'useragent' field has changed to 'Platinum' in reference to it's latest codebase.

Just change the useragent in the XBMC.conf file in the 'Program files\PS3 Media Server' folder to read (with Notepad, etc. - and must use Notepad with 'Run as Administrator' if editing from Vista/Win7:


(instead of 'Neptune')

And save XBMC.conf and restart PS3 Media Server.

XBMC is now detected again as a 'XBMC client' and I can see all my video files including my 'Videos' folder that I could not see before - and all videos play fine.

XBMC is an awesome DLNA graphical client that you can use to test your PS3 Media Server config - and I highly recommend it:

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Re: PS3Mediaserver and XBMC

Postby ExSport » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:21 pm

Already posted here few times. Better to use this one:
Code: Select all

"|" means OR ;)
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Re: PS3Mediaserver and XBMC

Postby kmruss » Thu Jan 14, 2010 2:55 am

Ah thanks ExSport. I saw that after that post in another file (I think the Xbox conf file) and assumed it did mean 'or'. Good idea.

Now the only other thing I can't get XBMC to do via PS3 Media Server is view DVD ISO files which I can do perfectly via my PS3. It just winds up showing a blank folder once you navigate past the initial ISO portion and no mpg or media files for the Tracks. Any idea if I can hack up or tweak the file to allow that? Or will it even be possible I wonder with XBMC? If not, not crucial - but would be nice also for testing purposes (especially testing the 'chapter' support).
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