Video Breaking up when played on PS3 via my PMS Media Server

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Video Breaking up when played on PS3 via my PMS Media Server

Postby brnn69 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:53 am

I have downloaded several video clips from YouTube to play through PMS on the big screen I have previously watched all the clips on my MAC playing via both iTunes where the clips are stored as TV Shows and the Mac DVD Player and the clips play perfectly, I also have the clips in original Mpeg4 format in a folder on the MAC.
When I turn on my PS3 and play them via PMS to my Home Theatre system some clips the video images are breaking up and distored then picture comes back to normal and a few seconds later the distortion starts again, the sound is fine. This is only effecting certain clips and there is no real pattern other clips work just perfectly. I have DL’d the faulty clips again and the same thing happens i.e. fine on MAC and Windows computer DVD players as soon as they are accessed via the PMS, rubbish.
For iTunes I converted the clips via Toast Titanium to ‘QuickTime Movie’ format this method has previously worked fine, I also have a unconverted version Mpeg4 in a folder on the MAC that PS3 picks up via PMS and irrespective of where I play the clip from iTunes or the Folder it is the same clips that are failing.
I am using a wired USB connection via my Router to the PS3, I am not a techo inclinded person therefore I am challenged!!! I have looked at the information for a good clip and a bad clip on the PS3
Good =640-652, Mpeg2.2.1 Mbps
Bad = 854-480, Mpeg2.5.0 Mbps
Baffled and stumped I have uninstalled the Media Server and reinstalled it and as I mentioned recopied the videos etc.
Welcome any feedback or additional troubleshooting tips related to this issue that may assist me?
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Re: Video Breaking up when played on PS3 via my PMS Media Se

Postby foxhole » Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:43 pm

I too have this problem, both from Mac and pc using Samsung software and also Serviio and from internal and external hard drives, so guess it might be some problem with the video codec?
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