Subtitles cause screen to lighten until they are gone

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Subtitles cause screen to lighten until they are gone

Postby dalem » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:36 am

It took some trial and error but I finally got PS3 Media Server to show subtitles for the anime I've been watching. The only issue I now have is that, when subtitles appear on the screen, the entire screen lightens slightly, until the subtitles disappear, reducing the contrast. So someone will talk, causing subtitles to appear and the screen to slightly lighten, and when they finish talking, the subtitles go away and the screen darkens again slightly. It creates a flashing effect that strains my eyes. It's faint, but still noticeable. Is this the default behavior? I'll provide some info, though I know most of this isn't probably related.
- PS3 Media Server: 1.82.0
- Build: 616a9b305 (2013-06-03)
- I'm using a Panasonic VIERA TC-L47DT50 to view the OGMs on through DLNA, with subtitles provided by included SSA files. Streaming from a 2010 MacBook Pro using Mountain Lion, latest Java.
- Under Common Transcoding Settings, MPEG-2 options is set to keyint=5:vqscale=1:vqmin=1.
- Under Audio Settings, audio lang priority is set to 'ja,en'
- Under subtitles settings, Subtitles lang priority: eng, Forced sub: en, Forced tags: forced
- Under Video File Engines, I am using MEncoder Video. Audio/subtitle priority set to: jpn,eng;eng,off;*,und
- Specify TrueType font: /Library/Fonts/Tahoma.ttf
- Use ASS/SSA subtitles is unchecked, Fontconfig/Embedded fonts is checked, Use embedded style is checked
- Sub margin px: 10, Sub margin %: 2, Override Style Font Scale: 1.0, Font Outline: 1, Font Shadow: 1
- Plaintext subtitles Font Scale: 3, Font Outline 1, Font Blur: 1
- DVD/Vobsub quality: 3

I haven't been able to find anyone with a similar issue searching Google for "ps3 media server, subtitles, brighten", "..., lighten", "..., flashing" etc... Any ideas?
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Re: Subtitles cause screen to lighten until they are gone

Postby Raptor399 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:51 am

I never read about this either, and something as annoying as this would surely have surfaced.
Are you sure it's not a problem with the TV having to show more white, affecting the whole screen?

To single out the problem, you could try using another default video encoding engine in the "Transcoding Settings" tab, e.g. VLC Video or FFmpeg.
If it turns out to be a problem with MEncoder, you could try downloading a more recent version of "mencoder", see if that acts differently.
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