No Renderers found

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No Renderers found

Postby kytsym » Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:42 am

Downloaded month or so back - worked perfectly from the start.

now i get "no renderers found" error and PS3 can't find media server anymore?

My trace log is attached

Code: Select all
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.516 [main] Loading MediaInfo library
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.568 [main] Loaded MediaInfoLib - v0.7.58
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.575 [main] Loading renderer configurations from /Applications/PS3 Media
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.576 [main] Loading configuration file: AirPlayer.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.581 [main] Loading configuration file: Android.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.584 [main] Loading configuration file: Bravia4500.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.587 [main] Loading configuration file: Bravia5500.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.608 [main] Loading configuration file: BraviaEX.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.614 [main] Loading configuration file: DirecTVHR.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.619 [main] Loading configuration file: DLinkDSM510.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.623 [main] Loading configuration file: FreeboxHD.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.625 [main] Loading configuration file: FreecomMusicPal.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.632 [main] Loading configuration file: iPad-iPhone.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.637 [main] Loading configuration file: Kuro.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.641 [main] Loading configuration file: LGST600.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.650 [main] Loading configuration file: N900.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.679 [main] Loading configuration file: OPPOBDP83.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.685 [main] Loading configuration file: OPPOBDP93.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.688 [main] Loading configuration file: Panasonic.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.693 [main] Loading configuration file: Philips.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.695 [main] Loading configuration file: PhilipsPFL.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.700 [main] Loading configuration file: PopcornHour.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.701 [main] Loading configuration file: PS3.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.708 [main] Loading configuration file: Realtek.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.710 [main] Loading configuration file: Samsung-SMT-G7400.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.729 [main] Loading configuration file: SamsungAllShare.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.764 [main] Loading configuration file: SamsungWiseLink.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.766 [main] Loading configuration file: Showtime3.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.770 [main] Loading configuration file: SMP-N100.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.773 [main] Loading configuration file: SonyBluray.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.778 [main] Loading configuration file: Streamium.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.782 [main] Loading configuration file: WDTVLive.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.783 [main] Loading configuration file: WMP.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.787 [main] Loading configuration file: XBMC.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.788 [main] Loading configuration file: XBOX360.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.790 [main] Loading configuration file: YamahaRXA1010.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.791 [main] Loading configuration file: YamahaRXV671.conf
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.793 [main] Checking MPlayer font cache. It can take a minute or so.
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.849 [main] Done!
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.857 [main] Searching for plugins in /Applications/PS3 Media
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.858 [main] No plugins found
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.867 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Audio
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.872 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.873 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.873 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MPlayer Audio
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.874 [main] Registering transcoding engine: FFmpeg Web Video
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.874 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MEncoder Web
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.875 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MPlayer Video Dump
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.876 [main] Registering transcoding engine: MPlayer Web
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.878 [main] Registering transcoding engine: tsMuxeR
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.878 [main] Registering transcoding engine: Audio High Fidelity
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.879 [main] Registering transcoding engine: VLC Audio Streaming
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.880 [main] Registering transcoding engine: VLC Video Streaming
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.880 [main] Registering transcoding engine: dcraw Thumbnailer
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.984 [main] Using address / found on network interface: name:en1 (en1)
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:50.985 [main] Created socket: /
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:51.130 [main] Using the following UUID configured in PMS.conf: 260e1f55-749e-49ab-9a68-a4791f12d949
INFO  2013-04-02 21:41:55.309 [main] The server should now appear on your renderer
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Re: No Renderers found

Postby kytsym » Tue Apr 02, 2013 11:43 am

I have uninstalled - re-installed. Enabled/disabled firewall so not sure what the cause is
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Re: No Renderers found

Postby meskibob » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:46 pm

I provide NO application support via PM or email, so please post your question to the forum per the Forum Rules.
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Re: No Renderers found

Postby kytsym » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:22 am

Figured it out......

Changed "force networking on interface" to one of the three options in the list and tadah!
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Re: No Renderers found

Postby saptrap » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:13 am

I just wanted to thank you for following up on this issue as your fix helped me.

Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 on MacBook Pro 15" Retina
Java version "1.7.0_51" 64-bit
PS3MS 1.90.1
WiFi connection to router via 802.11n

The original steps to reproduce are quite simple:
1. Obtain out of the box PS3MS 1.90.1 and copy it to the Applications directory
2. Run PS3MS 1.90.1 while the PS3 is on

Expected Results:
PS3 is shown as a renderer

Actual Results:
No renderers found

As kytsym has mentioned, there seems to be an issue with the Network detection.
1. Click the General Configuration tab
2. Under Network settings (advanced), locate the Force networking on interface section
3. Select the appropriate interface that is relative to your environment. In my case, I simply used the address that was assigned to my OS X 10.9.3 environment which was on en0
4. Click Save on the top bar
5. Restart the server
6. Check your PS3's Video section (i.e. XMB > Videos > PS3 Media Server) and you will find PS3 Media Server sharing your selected folders

If you can't see the shared directory, try refreshing the PS3 by selecting XMB > Videos > Search for Media Servers. If all goes well, you will notice that your PS3 will display in the Status tab of PS3MS, and a Playstation Media Server folder will be present in XMB > Videos.

Thanks again kytsym!
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