NAS Imac PS3 wifi repeater

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NAS Imac PS3 wifi repeater

Postby Brennie87 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 5:08 pm

I have a question.
For HD streaming I have now set up my PS3 directly with an ethernet cable from my mac because the router is to far away from the mac and PS3. (so, wireless internet on mac, cable to PS3 for PMS)

But, now I want to install a NAS server. So my set up would be (if that's possible, that's the question):

Internet comes into my home -> router -> (wireless repeater) -> cable to NAS, PS3 and imac.

Will this work? Since the wireless repeater is the "second" router in the system... Will this be able to give ip's and everything it needs and still be able stream HD video?
(I thought a wireless repeater would be the best option to have 4 ethernet ports, otherwise, a normal switch needs an input (no?))

I hope somebody understands because my explanation isn't that clear... I'm sorry for that.

Thanks in advance
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