Audio Sync Issues with MKV

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Audio Sync Issues with MKV

Postby twitchcity » Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:07 pm

I'm hoping this is a simple problem, but I haven't been able to fix it.

I've been trying to stream a season of MKV files that are being transcoded by MEncoder, from an iMac (2 core, 4 gigs of RAM, running 10.8.2) to a PS3 that is connected via ethernet. Most MKV files actually stream perfectly, so I'm thinking this is probably something minor regarding this particular rip.

Here are the details from a sample episode:

Container: Matroska
Video Bitrate: ~1300 kbps x264 (CRF = 20)
Resolution: 712x480 (632x480 ~4:3 Anamorphic Presentation)
Frame Rate: ~24 FPS
Audio Tracks: Main 5.1 AC3 (English), Commentary 2.0 64k AAC (English)
Subtitles: Closed Captions (English, Muxed)
Chapters: Present and Muxed

Encoded with Handbrake svn2845 x86_64
High Profile Preset, Denoise (Weak)

The problem: when I stream one of these files, the audio is out of sync by a fairly substantial amount (maybe 5 seconds?).

In my PMS settings, I have tried:
-checking and unchecking "Keep AC-3 track"
-disabling subtitles
-checking and unchecking "A/V sync alternative method", "Force framerate parsed from FFmpeg", and "Remux videos with tsMuxeR" in the MEncoder settings.
-adding in a custom parameter: "container == matroska :: -mc 0 -noskip"

The files play perfectly fine in VLC. Any ideas how I can fix this in PMS?
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