Audio High Fidelity Engine is broken for OSX

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Re: Audio High Fidelity Engine is broken for OSX

Postby macaudioguy » Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:07 am

I tested some additional changes that would allow 48khz 24bit files to use the Audio High Fidelity Engine. 24bit audio files will not play under the music tab. Hopefully they can also be included. Note- the previous change regarding the fake.jpg file is currently not installed in the OSX build, it must also be added to the java directory (same directory as debug.log) as subdirectory resources/images/fake.jpg

Here is the changed code-

if (getFirstAudioTrack() == null || !(type == Format.AUDIO && getFirstAudioTrack().getBitsperSample() == 24 && getFirstAudioTrack().getSampleRate() >= 48000)) {

if (fileName.toLowerCase().endsWith(".flac") && media != null && (media.getFirstAudioTrack().getBitsperSample() >= 24 || media.getFirstAudioTrack().getSampleRate() > 48000)) {

if (media != null && media.getFirstAudioTrack().getSampleRate() > 48000) {
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