Works great - but what about Xbox?

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Works great - but what about Xbox?

Postby shotgal » Fri Dec 30, 2011 8:54 pm

I'm running Lion and have an existing media center in the form of a hacked AppleTV1 running XBMC on a LAN - the drive(s) are shared via SMB using a Seagate Dockstar. Every device we own can see the SMB share - except -

We received 2 new boxes this Christmas - a WDTV Live Streaming box, and XBox360 Kinect. I spent days trying to get either of them to see working the SMB share and never did.

Finally after trying a few alternatives I came upon PS3MS - which once installed, worked perfectly with the WDTVLS. No coding, just dead simple. !!!!AWESOME!!!! I can pull from the SMB share, internal or external desktop drive equally as well. (The only hitch I've run into are hiccups any time the video is paused/FF/RW - upon resuming play - a rather large sputter will inevitably happen afterwards in the next minute or so.)

The XBox360 is a different story. I have the latest update installed (2.0.14699) and it is as dumb as a post. It only wants to see a Windoze machine and that's it. It cannot see the SMB share on the network - or the PS3MS either.

This isn't high priority at all, I was just playing around to see if I could make it work right. The last thing I want to do is break the working WDTVLS communication - or spend days doing all kinds of code tweaks that I have no business touching. :lol:

Any tricks to get an XBox360 going in OSX w/PS3MS?
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