Media Library - where's the album art gone?

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Media Library - where's the album art gone?

Postby AdrianM » Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:49 pm

This is my first post here - and I will start by saying how much I appreciate all the work that's gone into this project.

I started with the defaults (media library turned off) and found everything working well for me. I am particularly glad to see some thumbnail images for tracks (wishing that there could be thumbs up at the album level) - as this is often neglected by other media server implementations (and is the reason I'm on the look-out for a new server). But navigating my large CD collection (stored on 2TB NAS) is difficult without being able to break it down by Genre...

...So I enabled Media Library and was glad to see some excellent search combinations, however, there seems to be no album art using this access mode. I have tried the "Resest media library" button, and initiated a scan of the share folder and waited half a day - but no change. Switching off the media library gets me back the art, but loses me the breakdown by Genre.

On the subject of Genre, mostly I get a numeric code in brackets such as (71) instead of "Lo-Fi" (I ripped my collection in Windows Media Player 11 and often chose my own tags for Genre in the "Advanced Tag Editor" panel) so is there a way to translate these codes into text?
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