Media Library scan speed and PS3 display

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Media Library scan speed and PS3 display

Postby macthelist » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:11 pm

I know that "Scan All Shared Folders" is slow, but I have a relatively slow server scanning 20,000 MP3s and it has been going for 14 hours and it's only about 25% through. Does that seem right?

I'm also wondering what I'll see when it's done (I know, I should have checked on a subset first). I gather I'll still be able to browse via the PS3 through the PSM-shared folders, but what will I see hanging off the XMB? Right now I have a lot of music resident on the PS3's drive, so that music hangs off the XMB and is sortable by tag, etc. Will the PMS files appear alongside the others? If so, how does one distinguish amongst them, or is that just missing the point?

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