Fixing overscaling(?) with avisynth (i dont get it)

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Fixing overscaling(?) with avisynth (i dont get it)

Postby nsrafk » Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:51 pm

So, i've made several topics in here about this issue. I haven't really gotten anywhere with it though.
No matter what script i use, i need to edit it to make it fit my setup (And i have no clue what variables to edit lol). The issue is, that when streaming to my tv picture gets cutoff in both sides. I have no clue how many pixels it is, i just know i dont see the whole picture =)

My tv is a 1080i TV, so maybe thats why. Anyway, if anybody got a avisynth script that i can try to use i'd appreciate it very much. Im getting so annoyed by not seeing whole picture heh.

Thanks a bunch.
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