buffer not filling up, resulting in studdering

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Re: buffer not filling up, resulting in studdering

Postby nanfeldt » Thu Mar 26, 2009 8:32 am

pancakeman86 wrote:Does using a usb drive under the "optimize for performance" provide significant performance improvements. I think this is my problem.

My specs are 3.16 gHz intel core2 duo with 5 gigs of ram. And I get a lot stuttering over the network over 100 mbit lan. I hooked up my ps3 and computer directly via cross over cable to utilized the 1 gbit ethernet. I have the cards, but not the routers...anyway even at 1 gbit I get massive stuttering. I can't see why a usb hard drive causes problems. The transfer rate on usb hard drives is around what ? like 400 mbits...shudn't this be fast enough ?

And even if I change it to "optimize for performance" does this have any impact on the hard drive ? Does it have slower write speeds or does it make it more prone to data loss. I just want to know the drawback of using that setting.

This test is with optimized policy set (ps. mentioned earlier in the thread)
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