streaming lag problem

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streaming lag problem

Postby tongkk » Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:11 am

Intel Q9300
2 GRam
XP Sp3
PC to D-link gigabit router (wired)
PS3 to Router through panasonic 200Mbit homeplug (wired)

720p movie has no problem on playback but
1080p with DTS sound tract and transcode with subtitle , lag playback occur, by pressing display of PS3 remote show it's bitrate is 50-60 Mbps, and the transcoding buffer never full.

I found that when I press pause on PS3 playback (1080p DTS movie) and let the buffer become full (in my case 500M byte buffer need 1 to 2 min to fill up ) and press play again, the movie then play very smooth and never lag. The buffer status also keeps full. and the PS3 display the bitrate is constantly 30 Mbps which is what exactly I set in the PS3 MS.

I think Transcode a 1080p movie with dts sound tract and with subtitle is very CPU demanding, and the CPU transcoding speed cannot come up with the movie playback speed. And it is not related to the network speed, it is CPU depending. the faster the CPU, the lesser time needed to fill up the buffer. May be the author of the software add a function to let the user to delay the 1080p playback ( for 1-2 min) so that the buffer has enough time to fill up and lag will not occur!
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