.m4v/.mp4 needs transcoded, until you change filename.

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.m4v/.mp4 needs transcoded, until you change filename.

Postby growlf » Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:14 am

I'm pretty confused by this.

First, all files play through TVersity or directly from the PS3 with no problem, no transcoding.

What I have is a DVD library that I'm slowly ripping to mp4 files (Handbrake). They are named .m4v or .mp4 - both work fine in TVersity, and occasionally in PS3 Media Server.

Here's the deal. If I go to play SOME files, it will show (I assume) they need to be transcoded (MPEG-1 versus AVC in the filelist). Trying to play these files fails... (unless I go to the TRANSCODE folder, but that's beside the point). If I change ANYTHING in the filename of these files, they will immediately show up as AVC files and play fine in PS3 Media Server.


Carlton-Browne of the FO.m4v (won't play)
Carlton-Browne of the FO .m4v (will play)
Carlton-Browne of the FO.mp4 (will play)
Carlton-Browne of the FO blahblah.m4v (will play)

Renaming the file back to the original name will render it unplayable again. Sometimes this occurs with .m4v, sometimes with .mp4 - there isn't any level of consistency. PS3 Media Server is running as a service under my account on Vista - Dual 3.2 Xeon. All avi files seem to be fine.
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Re: .m4v/.mp4 needs transcoded, until you change filename.

Postby j2048b » Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:35 am

see thats all kinda weird, because almost all of my movies are from handbrake in the m4v file format for apple tv, and when i load up version 1.04 it shows everything as avc files, and it wont play any of them unless i use the transcode folder, as well and in this version my files wont show up at all as tsmuxer's only mencoder whereas

in version 1 everything showed up as mpeg-2 files right away and in the transcode folder i saw tsmuxer, and mencoder files to choose from.

so maybe a few bugs since shagrath changed a vew items in the version 1.04?
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