PMS.exe launcher?

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PMS.exe launcher?

Postby whome » Tue Jan 20, 2009 12:43 am

What is a userlevel PMS.exe launcher actually doing? Its a compiled binary, C maybe and presumably spawns an external java.exe process. if I wanted to give it finetuned JVM options, choose which one from the seven JVM should be used, etc... I took a source dump from the Subversion and could not find PMS.exe sources to see and possible taylor it.

If remember right WinRun4J is shown as myapp.exe in a tasklist. PMS.exe spawns an external process so is an anonyomous java.exe process. If you have PMS.exe configuration and/or sources available we could see if WinRun4J can be used. First just a convenience tryout for anyone who cares.

Still all jars, resources and config files would b as is today . Nothing is inside an exe wrapper...which I do not prefer making Java apps too invisible and shady :-)

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