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Covers for movies

Postby ElvenKind » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:11 am

Hi there folks...

I recently discovered this program and have now used it, mostly succesfully for 4 weeks. One of the reasons I changed from what I used previously was the ability to display covers for movies (I have other programs and hardware taking care of the music part, eg. SqueezeCenter).

My collection is placed on a networked harddrive that all connected hardware can see. The file structure is something like this:

|- TV Series - Show - Season
|- Movies - Action

I have thus tried the following:

1. folder.jpg in a folder containing more than one video, eg under "Show" and "Season".
2. folder.jpg under "Action"
3. moviename.extension.cover.jpg for each movie in "Action".

I have very varied results. Here are some of the things I experience.
1. The folder "Show" does not get cover art (on the folder itself).
2. The folder "Season" does not get cover art (on the folder itself).
3. The movies in "Season" all get the same cover art as defined by "folder.jpg" in that folder.
4. The movies in "Action" all get the same cover art as defined by "folder.jpg" in that folder.
5. (I removed the folder.jpg) Some, but not all movies in "Action" get the cover art defined by moviename.extension.cover.jpg.

I've searched the forums here and tried a few things but can't really seem to get it to work as it should. I really want this work and that leads me to these questions:
1. Does the "Generate Thumbnails from xx seconds" impact on the cover art. Should it be turned on or off, and if on, what should xx be? 0 seconds? 10 seconds?
2. Is there a size-limit for the folder.jpg or the moviename.extension.cover.jpg?
3. Is there a way to get cover art for the folder itself? eg "Action" or "Show"?
4. Same as number 3, but also without all movies in that folder getting the same cover as folder.jpg. Eg that moviename.extension.cover.jpg has higher priority than folder.jpg.
5. Why does "Action" have both movies that show the cover art and movies that don't? All files have cover art files.
6. Last dumb question: Why such a long and complicated name as moviename.extension.cover.jpg? Why not just moviename.jpg/png?

Hope someone is able to help out here :) Thanks in advance gyus and/or gals.
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