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[IMPORTANT] Problem Reporting Guidelines

PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2009 5:56 pm
by shagrath
Most questions have already been asked (and in most cases answered), so before reporting a problem make sure you have looked over the tutorial thread ( ... f=6&t=3507) and thoroughly searched the forum.

If you are reporting a new problem, please provide the following information in your post:

1- Your computer specs (cpu, memory, O/S) and the precise version of PMS that you're using (eg 1.10.51 or r409, not "latest version")
2- Device you are streaming to (PS3, XBox360, etc) and the .conf file if using a custom renderer profile
3- Your local network setup (WAN/ISP bandwidth does not matter) including connection type (Wifi, homeplugs, 100mbit ethernet, gigabit) and what you're connected through (direct connection, switch, router) --> e.g. PC <-Wifi G-> Linksys WRT54G Router <-100mbps-> PS3
4- Which engine you are using if you're transcoding (MEncoder, AviSynth/MEncoder, TSmuxer)
5- Detailed information on what is not working
6- A debug.log file excerpt or the whole file - ... 484#p38484
7- The text output from MediaInfo (it's a program, click the link) can usually help figure out what's going on if you're having issues with a specific file or file type.