YouTube not working

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YouTube not working

Postby markob » Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:03 pm

I love this program, but when I try watching YouYube or anything else from the web, I get "the data is corrupted" error. This is from debug.log, if it helps:
[Thread-99] DEBUG 13:59:04.023 Asked stream chunk [0-100000000000] timeseek: -1.0 of Gran Turismo® 5 Prologue - Friendly Fires "On Board" Trailer and player VideoLan Video Streaming
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.024 Starting transcode/remux of Gran Turismo® 5 Prologue - Friendly Fires "On Board" Trailer
[Thread-99] DEBUG 13:59:04.027 Close Connection
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.028 Exception in thread "Thread-99" java.lang.NullPointerException
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.028 at java.lang.Thread.init(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.028 at java.lang.Thread.<init>(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.029 at<init>(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.029 at net.pms.encoders.VideoLanVideoStreaming.launchTranscode(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.029 at net.pms.dlna.DLNAResource.getInputStream(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.029 at net.pms.dlna.WebVideoStream.getInputStream(
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.029 at
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.030 at
[Thread-99] TRACE 13:59:04.030 at
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Re: YouTube not working

Postby Irvysan » Sun Feb 22, 2009 8:47 pm

How about just browsing to in your PS3 browser?

Info here :

I have tried it and it works very well for a beta :)
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