Stuttering 720p

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Stuttering 720p

Postby sagioto » Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:39 am


i run an intel quad core with vista, and connect to the ps3 by wi-fi G, i have the current full k-lite pack,
I have stuttering problem, now I guess it's not an issue with the processing but it's network,
when i use mkv2vob i have no problem but the bitrate is much lower,

so i have few questions:
1. what does the -keyint=35:vqscale=3:vqmin=3 mean? and how should i set it?
2. for some reasoneverytime i try to max the transcoding buffer to 600 pms doesn't remember it and keeps changing it to back to 400, what can i do?
3. I've dl'd in installed coreavc, how do i make pms use it?
4. is the maximum bandwidth supposed to limit the bandwidth pms can use or limit the bitrate pms will output?

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