Decrease delay in streaming

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Decrease delay in streaming

Postby ppswede » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:53 pm

I've just installed and configured my ps3 media server to stream spotify audio, which i cast locally via icecast+edcast; and it works like a charm. However, there is a noticeable delay between the audio on my laptop and on the ps3 and another laptop on the same network which uses winamp to directly listen to the cast. There's a 1-2 sec delay to the winamp laptop, and almost 10 secs delay to the ps3.

My questions is if there are any ways to tweak the buffering done or skip transcoding in the ps3 media server so as to decrease the delay? Or if this is a ps3 buffering issue which is hard to avoid?
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Re: Decrease delay in streaming

Postby Woodlander » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:07 pm

Hi, I was wondering if you could write a small guide to how you got the streaming to work from Spotify to the PS3 via the PS3 Media Server.
It would be very appreciated! :)
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