The server stops searching for PS3 when PS3 not found

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The server stops searching for PS3 when PS3 not found

Postby christi@n » Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:59 am

.. and perhaps thats not a bug but let me explain.

I'm running PSM as a service. (the same thing happens if it's started manually)
The computer is on.
I'm sitting in my sofa watching TV.
The PS3 is OFF.
I'm grabbing my remote, turning on the PS3 to watch a movie from the PC.
The media server is NOT found.
I now must go to the computer to restart the PMS to get it to work.

The dilemma is that when PSM does not find the PS3 (I don't always have the PS3 on) it's going off line (PS3 not found) and stays there. Should it not try to find the PS3 again, then and then?

Also in the status view when the PS3 has not been found, I can't find a refresh button, and the restart HTTP server is not lid, so I must quit the server and start it up again to get it to work.

So is this a request or a bug.
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